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Monday, September 26, 2011

Brown rice crackers

So, I love Asian rice crackers and I decided to take a stab at making my own!

Basic ingredients:
Brown rice flour (just put brown rice in a coffee grinder or blender/vitamix)
Sesame seeds
Tamari / Bragg's

We'll see how they turn out, I'll post pictures/video when I've figured out the proportions and such. I haven't forgotten about RawKu!! Just been super busy settling into my new home. But I can't wait to make a video in my awesome kitchen! Check back later :)

Here are the finished crackers. Sadly, they were rather unsuccessful... If I attempt these again I may soak the brown rice flour or something. They definitely came out crunchy! But not in the good way hah. It was like eating uncooked rice :\ I may try these *unraw* by cooking the rice first then sticking it in a food processor? Shrug. I'll get it one of these days.. Maybe... Then again they are so cheap that I could just continue buying them instead......
Until next time!