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Friday, April 29, 2011

Assorted raw foods

Here are some things I've made over the past couple weeks!

Collard wraps with slices of bell pepper and carrots. The dipping sauce is blended coconut meat, almonds, ginger, garlic, and chili pepper. This was my lunch at work. Easy, portable, and no need to refrigerate. Who says being raw has to be difficult at work?

Baba ganoush. This was better than I expected it to be! I thought the raw eggplant might taste a little funky but it was actually delicious! I did notice that my tongue was a little sensitive to it though, similar to when I eat too much pineapple... I guess I didn't scrub the outside enough to reduce the acidity. Still good! Used the leftovers for a salad dressing.

Homemade dehydrated coconut! Used a brown husky coconut for this. Very labor intensive though, much easier and less time consuming to just buy it!!

Kale avocado salad with bell peppers and onions, inspired by Rosita's dish from Sunday :-D The dressing was avocado, lime, and jalapeño! And I will add that this was probably one of the tastiest avocados I have ever had MMmMmmmMmmMmMmmmmmMmmmMMMMmmm. I ate half on its own and used the other half for the dressing :)

Dinner for Steven and Nina (non raw omnivores on a diet). Zucchini spaghetti, kale salad, and broccoli crackers!

Kale salad with bell peppers, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and thyme

 Zucchini noodles

Isn't it pretty?

All mixed up! Raw spaghetti, WHABAM!! 

Although Steven is not big on veggies he did finish his plate! And Nina and I kept eating haha. Plus I inspired Nina to want to eat more kale!! I consider this meal a success :)

Anyway, thanks for stoppin by to check out my endeavors! I'll be makin stuff this weekend so more soon, nighty night!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A potluck picnic at Piedmont park with people, puppies, and a plethora of plants equals positive perfection!!

Whew, that title is a mouthful of an alliteration!! But it's pretty precise in punctuating the presence of playfulness so profoundly pronounced in our portrait of pleasantry ;)

We had music, singing, guitars, doggies, bikes, dancing, a harmonica, yoga, massages, blankets, headstands, sunshine, bare feet, fresh air..... What a wonderful evening! Check out what delicious goodies we devoured!

Rob's Best Ever bars. Almonds, cocoa nibs, goji berries, sunflower seeds, and rice syrup. We completely cleaned him out, but no worries because he's actually going to be selling these soon! (I will post the link to his website as soon as I get it!)

Jennifer's miso-orange-chickpea dip

Jennifer's veggie platter. "What on earth is that sliced ham doing at a raw/vegan potluck?!," you ask?? That's not ham! It's YAM!! Fooled you ;)

Rosita's kale salad with avocado, jalapeño, and garlic dressing

Debra's cheesecake with swirls of acai

Kim's hummus

Kim and Joseph's lemon bars

Michael's squash dip with jalapeños

My ginger snaps

My seaweed snacks with bell pepper, maitake mushrooms, leeks, and flax meal filling sandwiched between 2 nori sheets and dehydrated

Nathaniel's chocolate

Nathaniel's chocolate/cinnamon/maca elixer

Debra's strawberries. Went great with Nathaniel's chocolate!

The spread!

Kim doin her thang :)

New faces, friends, and family :-D

Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 17 Potluck

Joseph took the majority of the pictures this night with his super professional camera. I will be getting those from him asap but to avoid using that as an excuse to postpone my posts, here are the ones I have!

My pear tart/pie. Excuse the ugly foil tin, I will get a big girl pie tin soon!

Butternut squash soup and fudge

McCalla's fruit salad

Michael's zucchini pasta with fixin's

My veggie patties

Chad's Asian slaw

Rosita's samoas

The spread EARLY in the evening. This does NOT do the night justice, there ended up being sooooooooooo much more food!! Joseph's pictures will be posted soon!

Plate of deliciousness

Balcony bunch

Candid crew 1

Candid crew 2

 Kim and McCalla

I vow to be better about posts from now on!! There will probably be one tomorrow because I plan to work with food all day :) Nighty night!

Friday, April 22, 2011

More potlucks!

So sorry for the hiatus! Things have been a bit crazy, but I plan on coming back to my seriously food-obsessed ways starting tomorrow! In the meantime, you can browse through the pictures from the not one, but TWO potlucks we have had since my last post! Check out these stellar photos from the April 10 potluck:

The spread

Michelle's asparagus quinoa dish. Check out the recipe!

R Thomas sauerkraut

Seaweed salad

Victoria's squash and sundried tomato dish

Liz and Rachel's salad

Chad's broccoli / cauliflower dish

Joseph's collard wraps

My veggie patties

My mini carrot cupcakes

El-Mahdi's vegan marshmallows rolled in chocolate-hazelnut-coconut

How beautiful is this plate?!

Victoria making "ketchup" to go with my super dry veggie patties heh. They went a bit too long in the dehydrator.

Balcony bunch!

Michelle and Kim love :)

Our potluck family!

Take 2, silly willies

Take 3

Pictures from this past Sunday's potlucks will be uploaded by tomorrow! Thanks for bein patient :)