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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Watermelon, sushi, and pickles.... Oh my!

I dehydrated watermelon because I heard it gets like CANDY!! I currently have a container with some semi-dry watermelon treats at the moment. My friend borrowed my dehydrator so I didn't have them in as long as they needed. Alas, no worries, I will just stick them back in and dry those suckers out! Below is a picture of some slices before being dehydrated. I will post another when they are done. As you might imagine, watermelon takes quite a bit of time to fully dehydrate because they're full of WATER, silly!! So be patient and flip them a couple times. Hopefully the end result will be like homemade Jolly Ranchers, or Starburst if they don't dry fully. Either way, a fun summer snack!

Had Lu dinner (Lan+Ku) last night and made raw veggie sushi. The "rice" is soaked almonds, sunflower seeds, and arame (seaweed). After soaking for about 8 hrs, I rinsed everything and threw it in the food processor with garlic, ginger, chili pepper, and lime juice. The filling consisted of carrot, kohlrabi, and avocado. I also made a salad type thing with thin slices of heirloom zucchini. The dressing is rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, dash of Braggs, red pepper flakes, black and white sesame seeds, and ginger.

I got 6 little cucumbers at the Decatur farmer's market last Wednesday and finally picked up some dill to try my first batch of homemade pickles!! I sliced the cukes, chopped garlic, ripped the dill, threw in some red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper. Filled with water and now the waiting game begins!! I know pickles are traditionally made with vinegar, but I saw some raw recipes that only used water so I'm attempting to get the sourness using straight up fermentation sans vinegar. Works with sauerkraut so I'm thinkin it'll be fine! I'll let you know in a few days :)

Any thoughts on what recipes/tips I should video for next? I'll try to keep it shorter this time :-P Please give me your feedback and ideas!!


  1. I wonder if you could make sweet pickles this way, maybe with agave or honey. I'll be interested to hear the outcome of this "experiment"!

  2. I've done pickles without vinegar, they work great! I made mine extra spicy with cayenne pepper. They're remarkably crunchy. All your photos in this post are making me drool right now. ;-)