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Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 17 Potluck

Joseph took the majority of the pictures this night with his super professional camera. I will be getting those from him asap but to avoid using that as an excuse to postpone my posts, here are the ones I have!

My pear tart/pie. Excuse the ugly foil tin, I will get a big girl pie tin soon!

Butternut squash soup and fudge

McCalla's fruit salad

Michael's zucchini pasta with fixin's

My veggie patties

Chad's Asian slaw

Rosita's samoas

The spread EARLY in the evening. This does NOT do the night justice, there ended up being sooooooooooo much more food!! Joseph's pictures will be posted soon!

Plate of deliciousness

Balcony bunch

Candid crew 1

Candid crew 2

 Kim and McCalla

I vow to be better about posts from now on!! There will probably be one tomorrow because I plan to work with food all day :) Nighty night!

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