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Friday, April 22, 2011

More potlucks!

So sorry for the hiatus! Things have been a bit crazy, but I plan on coming back to my seriously food-obsessed ways starting tomorrow! In the meantime, you can browse through the pictures from the not one, but TWO potlucks we have had since my last post! Check out these stellar photos from the April 10 potluck:

The spread

Michelle's asparagus quinoa dish. Check out the recipe!

R Thomas sauerkraut

Seaweed salad

Victoria's squash and sundried tomato dish

Liz and Rachel's salad

Chad's broccoli / cauliflower dish

Joseph's collard wraps

My veggie patties

My mini carrot cupcakes

El-Mahdi's vegan marshmallows rolled in chocolate-hazelnut-coconut

How beautiful is this plate?!

Victoria making "ketchup" to go with my super dry veggie patties heh. They went a bit too long in the dehydrator.

Balcony bunch!

Michelle and Kim love :)

Our potluck family!

Take 2, silly willies

Take 3

Pictures from this past Sunday's potlucks will be uploaded by tomorrow! Thanks for bein patient :)

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  1. Wheeee! These are fabulous! Thank you for documenting our enjoyable evening (and for linking to my recipe, too!). I *need* some more of your veggie patties and Victoria's ketchup - tried to make some similar items and got a weird spinach patty thing and tomato sauce instead of ketchup. At least the sauce tasted good enough to keep!

    Looking forward to seeing more - and attending more, too!