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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Easing off my juice fast

Ok, so I've been overeating... But gonna keep that in check today. It's been all healthy foods, but I haven't been hungry, just been eating. What can I say, I really missed food! And now my jaw hurts because it's not used to chewing hah. Gotta ease back into that... Here's a breakdown from Sunday:

Banana, spinach, and coconut water smoothie

AMAZING meal from Victoria Moon:
Kale salad with sun dried tomatoes
Spinach, sunflower sprouts, and red cabbage salad
Raw veggie lasagna
Various dehydrated goodies from the past week!

Afternoon snack
Pita chips and hummus

Raw tacos
Veggie salad medley
Raw blueberry pie
Raw chocolate
Chaga tea

2 softball games and practice and walked for about 30 min

I have pictures but haven't uploaded them yet. I'll be more organized when I get my internet back up n running at the treehouse! More later :)

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