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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Juice fasting: Day 6

I'm sad to report that I'm getting sick (I think due to the funky weather changes) so that made me a bit grumpy and slow-moving today. But I'm determined to finish this out! So here's the day's breakdown:

Quart of warm water with 2 teaspoons of salt to cleanse.

Juiced a mango, 4 apples, and added coconut water from one young Thai coconut. Now THAT was one refreshing drink! Took the pulp from the mango and apple and mixed it with dried coconut shavings for more cookies :) They smell sooo good and I can't wait to try them!

Juiced Japanese potatoes, carrots, kale, and beets. Didn't add any flax or chia seeds (because I ran out of flax seeds) but I tried just adding a bit of water to get it a better consistency and put it out on trays to dehydrate anyway. I was thinking the starch from the potato pulp might help to bind it together, but we'll see. I just checked it and it seems to be kinda crumbly instead of holding the shape of crackers, but it doesn't much matter to me, I'll still eat it eventually anyway hah. So check out the pics below to see how the juice layered on top of each other! The bottom white is the Japanese potatoes, then carrots, then kale, then beets. In the second picture the beets crept in between the carrot and kale layer. Anyway, I thought this looked pretty cool! I stirred it all together and discovered that if not drunk immediately, the Japanese potato juice would start to kinda harden at the bottom! But nothing a spoon couldn't stir out.

Late night
Tea from Day 4

None... Oh wait, juicing all those hard veggies for dinner WAS a workout!! I'm getting some guns ;)

Aside from feeling a bit weak from this lame cold, today was good. I'm definitely starting to miss solid foods… It's funny though, I'm not craving chicken biscuits or pizza or steak or cheese. I'm craving bananas and mushrooms and avocados and broccoli mash. Don't get me wrong, I love all the foods I've been juicing, but I love MAKING stuff with raw foods instead of just squeezing the crap outta them!! Saturday's my last day and I'm already planning out my Sunday menu to ease off these past 10 days. Definitely looking forward to some super smoothies!

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