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Monday, March 14, 2011

Juice fasting: Day 5


Mint tea

Coconut water from one young Thai coconut

Wheatgrass "shot" haha. Remember that beautiful little tray of wheatgrass from Day 3's post? This is all I got out of it!! I knew it took a lot of wheatgrass to get hardly any juice, but I didn't realize they would bother selling a tray that would yield only THIS much juice! Ah well, another lesson learned :)

So after attempting wheatgrass, I juiced kale, carrot, apple, cilantro, and added aloe juice, which is NOT tasty at all hah, but supposedly very healthy and cleansing.
Late night
Tea from Day 4

Not much today, just walked some to and from work.

Ok, so I ventured into making my own sauerkraut the other week and came to discover that it's super easy, super cheap, and SUPER DELICIOUS!! I'm kinda glad the cabbage didn't juice very well yesterday because I got to use it for more sauerkraut! Plus it's a great time to do it because I'm not eating for another 5 days so I'm forced to be patient and then I'll see what it's REALLY supposed to taste like hah. Last time I made it I could only wait like 3 days because it was just too good not to devour! Anyway, I recommend you try this at home because it's so simple, it tastes wonderful, and it's always rewarding to make your own goodies :) SO, as a mid-fast treat for my few dedicated readers, I will share my knowledge!

Instructions (with very technical terminology):
1) Cut cabbage.
2) Liberally salt cabbage and massage.
3) Smoosh cabbage into a large bowl or container.
4) Put weights over cabbage to minimize the air flow. Air will create "scum" on cabbage, and you don't want that! Salting and massaging the cabbage pulls water out of the cabbage and creates a brine. The goal is to keep the cabbage submerged in this brine so that the cabbage naturally ferments.
5) Cover and leave alone! No need to refrigerate, just stick it out of the way but not too far out of the way that you forget about it!
6) Every 12-24 hrs, uncover and massage the cabbage around to make sure that everything mixes evenly and gets covered in the brine. Smoosh the cabbage back down, apply weights, cover, and set aside.
7) Repeat step 6 for as many days as it takes for enough water to seep out and cover the cabbage. Once enough brine covers the cabbage, transfer everything to a smaller container. Be sure that the container is small enough so that it is filled completely with the sauerkraut with as little air in the container as possible.
8) VoilĂ , you are done! Feel free to open the container every now and again to mix up the sauerkraut, or you can just shake the container. You can eat this at any time but I think at least a week is recommended so it ferments enough. However, it's hard for me to wait very long because it's just so tasty!

***Remember to taste the cabbage each time you go to mess with it. Add water if it's too salty and add salt if it's not very flavorful, although keep in mind that the flavor will intensify and become more sour each day.

Here is a picture of my own personal sauerkraut apparatus:

I really, REALLY hope that you try this yourself, and please comment to let me know how it turns out! Happy fermenting :)


  1. you are freakin awesome. i can't wait to share more thoughts with you later.. for now.. just know i have total appreciation for what you are doing with your fast and with your blog here.