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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Juice fasting: Day 1

As I anticipated, my first day really wasn't that bad! However, I was pretty mentally prepared for it so I definitely think that helps. I noticed a few times during the day I had mini headache pangs but nothing serious or lasting. Here's a little break down of the day:

Apples, orange, and strawberries. I mixed the pulp with almond meal and made cookies I can enjoy in a week or so when I stop juice fasting :)

Drank the rest of my concoction from last night. I poured it into my container of coconut water so that helped stretch it.

Afternoon Booster
I juiced carrots, tomato, kale, cilantro, parsley, and garlic. Very flavorful, reminded me of a bloody mary, just a way healthier version hah. I almost added onion but decided against it as the garlic provides enough of a breath wrecker :-P I mixed the pulp with flax seeds and chia seeds like last night. The crackers shown below are from last night's pulp. Flax crackers all pretty much look the same so I won't be posting pics of them each time. 

Coconut water from one young Thai coconut.

I biked a couple miles to my brother's step aerobics class and back. I wasn't sure how I would do and if I would be able to get through the entire class but it went great! Stopped more often than usual for water breaks but I had plenty of energy.

I plan on drinking some tea tonight while doing a bit of work. I'm pleasantly surprised with how much energy I have and how satiated I feel from just juice. It's great because while I'm juice fasting I'm also stocking up on crackers and goodies from all the pulp!! I'm very happy with my first day and am looking forward to continuing this for, dare I attempt, 10 days? I want to at least do 7, but we'll see how things go! I think I can do it :)

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