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Monday, March 28, 2011

Potluck party!

Yay for Sunday night potlucks!! Anybody interested in trying raw foods seriously needs to come to these. We love meeting new people, sharing wonderful energy, and indulging in healthy food! Just look at our spread tonight!! Everything was phenomenal :-D

Katie's broccoli quiches and zucchini/tomato alfredo:

Victoria's veggie burgers:

My veggie collard wraps:

Kim's alcohol-free ginger beer:

Kim, Michael, and RAWsita's balls :-P

RAWsita's avocado chocolate mousse pie:

Kim and I made avocado key lime pie:

Joseph's pecan pie:


  1. These photos are beautiful and really capture the yumminess of each dish! Thank you so much for photographing them and sharing with all of us. 3 delicious pies!!!

  2. I haven't had breakfast yet, can I have avocado key lime pie for BREAKFAST?!? Mmm... YUM!

  3. I'm about to have avocado chocolate mousse pie and pecan pie for breakfast! No more key lime left!

  4. Looks wonderful and delicious! Can I get receipes for some of these. Thanks!

  5. Of course! Which ones would you like?

  6. Here is the recipe for the pecan pie:

    [crust ingredients]
    2 cups of walnuts (soaked overnight)
    3 cups of pitted dates (soaked overnight)
    1 cups of coconut flakes

    [filling ingredients]
    - 2/3 cups of water
    - 1 cup of raw pecans
    - 1/2 cup of raisins
    - 1 Tbsp of vanilla extract
    - 1 Tsp of nutmeg
    - 1/3 cup of maple syrup (Imported from Canada ;))

    Find yourself a nice pie pan; material that can withstand cold freezer temperatures should be fine.

    Combine the crust ingredients into a blender and blend (this is not the easiest but patience and gentleness should do).

    This is a tasty part. Take out the nicely blended yummy and place it flat inside the pie pan. Leftovers in the blender are fair game! Because you may be sharing the pie with others, it is a good idea to wash your hands before going back to making the pie.

    Pat down the crust with a flat spoon so that it lies evenly throughout the bottom of the pie pan.

    Combine the filling ingredients into a blender and blend (should be easier than the first blend, whew!).

    More tasty for the buds. Help the blended wonder find its way so that it lays flat on top of the of the crust. Warning, stop licking the blender!

    Once the filling is spread evenly with a flat spoon of some sort, lay some pecans on top of the pie in an artistic way.

    Put in a freezer for 4 hours or so and then serve. The leftover pie should be stored in a freezer.

    A quick tip, you can use the date water that you created after soaking the dates as non- alcoholic date Porto :-).