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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Juice fasting: Day 2

Day 2 breakdown:

Coconut water from one young Thai coconut

Fennel, kale, beets, cayenne pepper. Used the pulp for fennel crackers and kale/beet bread!

Gazpacho juice! Tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, onion, parsley, lime juice, and cayenne. Was in a rush so I forgot to take a picture of all the pretty ingredients. I stuck the pulp in a container with some water, put it in the freezer, and BAM!! Lovely, refreshing soup to last about 2 meals right there :)

Late night

Just walked today, too cold for me to venture out on my bike like last night. Plan on exercising more maƱana!

So last night and tonight I went to restaurants and just had tea. I thought tonight would be a lot more difficult than last night because I went to Chinese Buddha (a favorite) and didn't eat anything. Everything smelled so good! But I was proud of my level of self control and how easy it was for me to just sit and sip my tea. I'm amazed at how little my body really needs. I keep thinking to myself, "Man, this isn't even a full glass!" But in fact I end up sipping the juice super slowly without even intentionally trying to make it last. I've found that fresh juice is extremely satisfying, especially when you spend the time and effort to get it!

8 more days of this? Bring it on!! We can do anything we set our minds to :) I hope that my endeavors inspire you to be healthier and just mindful of your every day choices. As my tea profoundly stated this morning: Your choices will change the world!

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  1. Sarah I admire your commitment to healthiness! I wish I had the will power you do! Rock on my adoraKu!